Daily Carry

Duty Manager (age 28)
Jakarta, Indonesia
This is my daily carry when I'm on duty. I would usually have my Citizen on me, along with the Dragonfly, iPhone, pens, and notepad (inside the passport cover) in my pockets. The rest usually stays inside the Maxpedition, and kept in my drawer until I need them. The organizer does a very well job of keeping everything together. A Niteize S-Biner is also used to keep my locker key and a Ladybug ZDP-189 together. What's unseen is a hotel master key inside the passport cover along with my ID cards.

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I really like the Orange Juice/Alox Cadet combo. I'm building an all-orange carry and I think I may be adding these!
Go for it... Spyderco also have both the Dragonfly and Pingo in Orange. I'll post my orange kit soon.
Nail clippernya beli dimana bang ?
Nail clipper sih di Ace juga ada, ampir di mana aja yang jual Victorinox ada koq.
I really like that watch!
Nice setup. Very similar to my edc-kit.
They come in handy...