Another day of carry - Work or play..

Miami, FL
This is just part of my Every Day Carry. What is on the Left is on me, on my left hand side, and what is on the right is on me, on my right hand side, except for the book, which stays at the office, and the AVIR Cloud XMini, which also stays at the office.
I love the camera and use it every day to take great photos (for my instagram habit) and for life in general. I'm one of those creative writer types.
The watch is from 1962, its a wind up, (yes that means no batteries), it was a gift to my father. The Ring is a wedding ring (I love my wife)
The flashlight comes in handy almost every day, the pen is good, but I would love to have a gel pen, and the key chain is for religious reasons, along with the data stick thing, just for extra backup.

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Very nice! Ill have to post a pic of my father's 1964 Omega, also a manual wind!
I love living in a windup world...