My Everyday Carry

Chicago, IL
This is a small portion of what I carry everyday. I carry a pretty big backpack everyday. The contents can range from 2 or 3 1TB hard drives to a Apogee Duet. My most prize backpack possession is all my magazines I bring to help me past time on show days. Been a touring production manager you have to have all types of tricks in your bag for audio,video and lighting. (I will do a submission on my backpack and tool belt at a later date)

My everyday carry items are things that if I'm not in work mode (which is rare) that I will still carry with me. For example, my Moleskin notebooks are a key part of my day. I write my todo list in there as well as sketches for potential stage ideas. Also, I use one for my personal vision (new business ideas, music I want to down load later etc.) Who can't leave home with out there iPhone . My Fischer pen is the most AMAZING pen I ever bought and I have some pretty amazing pens. I write a lot of notes and searching for a pen that will fit in any pocket comfortably is sometime very difficult. Lastly, My Gerber knife is great for cutting a cable wrap or opening a package on the fly.

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