College Pocket Dump

Taipei, Taiwan
This is my everyday carry/pocket dump as a college student in Taipei, Taiwan.
I tried to do a minimalist carry style, but I think I just couldn't resist carry more. :D
Details of items:
-I use the mi band as a alarm clock, which is great for someone who is difficult to wake up like me.
-I made the paracord bracelet, the cord is made in usa and the buckle was bought from a pet shop.
-The Seiko is a gift from my father as I graduate from high school, I would like to change to some g-shock for less weight.
-The card holder is just a card holder. I still looking for a minimalist wallet which is works for me and have a reasonable price.
-My nose is sensitive so I carry tissue paper everyday....
-The doohickey will be replace by a leatherman squirt ps4 very soon.
-Nitecore MT1C is compact but powerful, which is easy to carry and provide powerful beams.
-I'm not a knife guy and I almost never use it, sometimes I carry a cryo g10 but it's too heavy, shuffle is better with small size, more functional and maintain low profile.
-HTC M8 is the best android phone I ever used, better than M9 in my opinion.
My english is not very good, I'm still learning. Any questions are welcome.

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Great idea with the alarm mi band, I know someone who needs help waking up.
Nice and simple carry.
Thanks, I really appreciate it.