Nitecore TUBE--A twig can sustain it

It has been rainy for quite a while. Finally it cleared up the other day. We drove to the suburbs for some photography. Upon leaving, I suddenly remembered the TUBE that I always have in my jeans pocket. Wondering how to express its “feather” weight, I hung it on a twig on a whim. Amazingly, the twig can sustain its weight. That was a great moment for a pic! Hahahah!

The TUBE lights can be versatile. I bought a set of them, black, blue, pink, olive and clear during the pre-order promotion. The blue one is what I carry on a daily basis, in my jeans pocket, handbag or the running belt. The clear, black and olive have been put in a glass jar on the nightstand. The pink one, well, I am not a girl that does not care for any pink, so it is still unopened. :)

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Cool pic, I've still been meaning to get one!
Thx :). Get one on Amazon perhaps?