Everyday Carry

Bridgton, Maine
This is what I typically carry every single day. The knives change out occasionally and I also add chap stick when needed. Not pictured is my phone, the iPhone 5s.

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I own over a hundred knives and the Drifter, as cheap as it is, remains in my top five favorites. Because it is so cheap I beat it and am not afraid to use it. I actually give it to friends and coworkers as a gift to get them into EDCing (along with the Gerber Dime).
4 knives? Any particular reason for that many?
Ya. Tenacious is for bigger EDC/self defense knife, Drifter for smaller EDC. The Climber II is my multi tool and used for food prep and the Classic is for my keychain if I need a small knife.
How do you use your paracord bracelet?
What do you mean how do I use it? So far I haven't needed it for any reason.
My nephews baby carriage broke one time in the midst of a 5 mile (so-it-seemed) walk in a summer street fair near Hershey PA and my Paracord bracelet saved the day! There was plenty of rope to wrap around the poles and fix the carriage... Got us around the fair and back to the car. My nieces and nephews still call me Uncle Gadget!