My first attempt at my EDC

Portsmouth, Great Britain
I wanted to put together a carry that would be useful at home and work so have combined various items to achieve this. It's an evolving carry and I'm happy with what I currently have. Other EDC'S I have seen on the site have helped me purchase various items but I am always open to feedback to help save space and develop an even better EDC.

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I have a couple thoughts for you. If you switched to the Gerber Dime Tool, it has small scissors and you could perhaps not carry those. Also, I would recommend using DropBox to store files in the cloud rather than carry the flash drive. You can easily access them with your iPhone or share them out from there.
Thanks Michael. To be honest, I use iCloud for all my photo storage needs. Have just upgraded to 200GB for £2.99 a month. We have a 21 month old boy so taking LOTS of photos! The flash drive is for work to enable me to put files on and take home for later use. Great idea in regards to the Gerber Dime Tool. I'll definitely look into it.
I always carry a flashdrive never no when u need it and what if the is not internet on the computer that your using and you need to backup a file..Flash drives are a must..
I like the mini Biro.
Thanks Thomas. It was a free pen from the room when we went to Florence. Perfect size for my EDC but will run out of ink quick. I think I'll get a space pen next.