Simple EDC

Just a simple EDC for everyday life. The wallets and keys explain them selves. But for the choice of phone it because the Nokia Lumia icon is still a brick of a phone able to take a lot of damage and still operate amazingly and also has a 20mp camera good for personal fun or to help with evidence of incidents that happen to you or around you. The multi tool by Gerber is reliable and very useful have everything pretty much in one that either can fit in my pocket or my belt. And last in pen and paper always good for writing reminders, contacts, locations, and also to write reports. I chose molesting cause it a very well made journal and last a really long time and the Gerber pen because of the reinforced stainless steel body and glass breaker for emergency purposes but also when but it comes with a right in the rain ink which I all weather purpose in. It should not freeze when cold nor should it smudge when wet. So this is my simple edc.

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