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First the cliches: The Fisher Space Pen and the Spyderco knife are like the price of admission to this site. There is a reason that these show up so often: they are both quality items that can take a beating and keep working.

Phone: I think iPhones and Samsung phones are higher quality phones, but to me that quality difference was not worth $200 more. I wanted to buy it outright and not be tied to one service provider. The MotoX has all of the functions I want (Android) and finished off in Gorilla Glass and real wood (but not actually Ebony wood).

The Umbra wallet is my favorite card carrying device. Surrounds 10 cards with lightweight metal. Notice the patina after being in my pocket for >2 yrs.

But that's not the Victorinox Swiss Army knife? Wenger lays claim to the maker of "The Genuine Swiss Army Knife." Kind of moot now, as Victorinox acquired Wenger in 2005 and still keeps some of the knives with the Wenger brand which supposedly (at least) used to be produced in the original Wenger factory.

Now down to the nerd items: Who would ever carry a pager? They are surprisingly holding their spot in medicine. In contrast to $3 million dollar MRI machines and $2 million surgical robots, they are ridiculously cheap; the entire staff can get one (including technical staff, environmental services, etc). They are relatively low-tech and fairly robust (cell phone doesn't work in parts of the Hospital, but pager does). And the cell phone that everyone has anyway, now serves as a back-up system relying on differing technology. Can't leave home without a pen to dot glass slides and Pilot makes the best. A microscopic calibration slide keeps our new fancy camera-based measurements honest. The most important item in my pocket many days, however, is a School Smart ruler cut in half (built in back-up in case I loose one somewhere).

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