Vintage Carry

Melbourne, Australia
What i was Carrying in Circa '85

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Bad ass tooth brush man!
thanks mate.. we have it on Kickstarter.
diggin the tooth brush and the Nintendo Game and Watch (had a few back in the day)! This one should of been featured on the main page!!!!!
thanks for the support.. yeah we have the toothbrush on KS. I have a pretty nice collection of those vintage games, do you still have any?
Na, sold them all to get a Murphy bed. All in all it was a good investment. I had some nice ones, (punch out, super Mario, donkey Kong and even had Mario Bros for the Atari still in the box).
Murphy bed,.. hope you had some fun..
A tactical toothbrush with a glass beaker? What kind of situations do people get in while brushing their teeth?! LOL
you never know , lol