My Back-to-School carry

Law Student (age 16)
Aarhus, Denmark
I've got back to my old apple habits because I love how all their products work together so easily. I do not have to spend any extra time fixing bugs or such, they work and I love them for that.

The omega watch, I got as an gift from my great grandfather. I manually draw up the clock each morning, some people find that annoying but it reminds me of my great grandfather, so I enjoy each second.

The wallet keeps my 8 cards in place, and it holds all of my cash.

The cadet is always nice to have, for everything really! And if it fails I always have the kershaw to back it up.

Have a nice one guys!

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I belive your Victorinox is a 58mm Alox Classic SD, not a Cadet...
Question about the kershaw and as I am guessing you are Danish, has carrying the knife been an issue? I lived in Copenhagen for a year and I always loved my Swiss Army Knife, but I was afraid I would get in trouble so I never carried it.