Giveaway: Kershaw Leek CF

The Leek is one of Kershaw's most popular products, thanks to its EDC-friendly size and versatile features. With a new suit of carbon fiber on its handles and packing high-performance CPM 154 steel, the new Leek CF takes one of the best and makes it even better. The best part: we're giving one away for free! This week, we're giving a lucky winner this updated classic, brought to you by our sponsor Kershaw.

Kershaw Leek 1660CF Carbon Fiber

How do you improve upon a knife that's already an EDC crowd favorite? For Kershaw and their popular Leek knife, all it takes is a fresh set of premium materials. With its upgraded blade steel and gorgeous carbon fiber handle, the new 1660CF Leek just got prettier, lighter, and stronger.

Instead of using heavy stainless steel handles, Kershaw gave the Leek the gentleman's knife treatment by swapping in stunning carbon fiber. This attractive patterning allows this new Leek to operate in a more dressy ensemble than the original. But it does more than just look great: the carbon fiber handle actually makes for a lighter knife. Weighing in at only 2.3 ounces, the Leek CF weighs 25% less than the classic Leek.

Kershaw also opted for CPM 154 blade steel in the Leek CF as a more premium option compared to the Sandvik 14C28N steel you can find on the standard Leek. CPM 154 has a higher carbon content and toughness, allowing it to hold an edge longer and last against hard use. It retains its excellent modified drop-point blade shape, making it great for cutting tasks. It also keeps the fast one-handed SpeedSafe assisted flipper opening.

If you haven't yet picked up a Leek for your everyday carry, this is the model to get. Even if you have the original Leek, the new one cuts it that much better. Make it a part of your EDC today at the link below.


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Giveaway: Work Sharp Sharpeners

Update: Congrats to Ron G and Barclay M, winners of this week's giveaway!

A dull knife is a useless (and dangerous) knife. These tools are at their best when they're in hair-popping shape, and with a little maintenance with the right tools, you can keep yours in top condition for a lifetime. The best part? We've got some great sharpeners on hand, and we're giving them away for free!

This week, we're giving two lucky readers a sharpening system each, brought to you by our sponsor, Work Sharp. They've been in the business of keeping an edge for over 40 years, making some of the industry-leading sharpening tools right in the USA.

This contest is sponsored by Work Sharp.

StatGear TriTac EDC Pen

For plenty of us, jotting down notes and making quick cuts here and there are all in a day's work. If you're spending time switching between a tactical pen and your EDC knife, take a look at the TriTac EDC Pen on Kickstarter. It gives the word “penknife” a whole new meaning, integrating a small blade (and a punch) into its tactical pen form factor.

The knife in the TriTac is a folding sub-2" 440C stainless steel blade located at the tip of the pen. It's ideal for light utility work such as opening letters and boxes. Because it's at the tip, you can use the body of the pen for extra leverage and grip despite the blade's small size. You'll also find a tungsten carbide glass breaker on this tip when the knife is closed, which can come in handy in an emergency.

It's a capable pen as well, using the versatile Fisher Space Pen cartridge for reliable, write-anywhere performance. A nifty bolt-action mechanism exposes and retracts the tip for writing. It's intuitive and fun, and you just might find yourself activating it just to fidget around a bit.

This unique pen is available to you in both lightweight aluminum and titanium on its fully-funded Kickstarter. Go ahead, take a look, and make a pledge to get one of your own at the link below.

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Gerber Center-Drive

Ounce for ounce, nothing comes close to packing the most utility into your everyday carry as multi-tools do. But for tough tasks, using their smaller tools doesn't always feel as effortless as getting the job done with their full-sized counterparts. That's why Gerber put ergonomics at the forefront of their new Center-Drive multi-tool. Its primary tools were designed for full-sized performance where it counts—real world use—in a portable, EDC-ready package.

The Center-Drive's namesake feature is the large, curved arm on its bit driver. At 3.25” long, this locking arm positions the bit on the center axis of the tool and gives you more room to work with, which makes using it feel more like a dedicated screwdriver. And because you don't need to fully open the tool to center the driver, you can get a more controlled grip on the tool in its wider, closed position. With traditional multi-tool designs, they can feel lopsided and difficult to turn or even uncomfortable to grip when partially unfolded. The Center Drive also uses standard bits, letting you easily swap in or replace ones you might already have in your EDC.

Despite its name, Gerber didn't stop refining the Center-Drive at the bit driver. They've added practical design tweaks to the pliers and knife as well. You can slide out its set of spring-loaded pliers with just the push of your thumb for instant access. Its blade even measures in larger than many pocket-sized multi-tools at 3.25” long. A selection of sturdy tools, like a pry bar with an integrated nail puller, a bottle opener, awl, and file round out the set.

The Center-Drive is available with options for additional bits and a MOLLE-compatible sheath for easy carrying at the link below.


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Giveaway: SureFire P2X Fury Intellibeam

Update: Congrats to Dane G, winner of this week's giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for more giveaways here on EverydayCarry.com.

A flashlight is one of the best things you can add to your everyday carry, and we've got just the thing to add some power to your pocket. The best part? We're giving it away for free! This week, we're giving one lucky reader an intelligent tactical flashlight, brought to you by our sponsor, SureFire. You know the name. They've been making some of the hardest-use flashlights and tactical equipment for nearly 40 years, gear designed for the harshest conditions and professions.

Trucker's Friend Survival Tool

Let's face it, some tasks are just too big for the average EDC multi-tool to handle. Scraping ice off your windshield, cutting branches down, or hammering spikes usually need something a little more heavy duty. In those situations, it’s good to have something in your arsenal that can step up to the occasion. The American-made Trucker’s Friend Survival Tool is a multipurpose hand tool that has your back when pocket tools just don’t cut it.

Don’t let the name fool you. Though it was designed with the needs of professional truck drivers in mind, the Trucker’s Friend is also great for outdoor activities like camping. For starters, the fiberglass handle and shock-absorbing grip makes chopping firewood less of a pain. And while hammering down tent stakes usually requires a mallet (or large rock), the Trucker’s Friend has you covered there too with a hammer built into the blade.

Camping benefits aside, you’ll want this tool by your side in emergency situations as well. The cast-alloy steel blade is perfect for prying, pulling, and cutting objects out of your way should you need to make a quick escape. At 2.3 pounds, it isn’t exactly the kind of tool you keep in your pockets, but it’s worth keeping around the house, in a bug out bag, or in your car EDC when you need it.

If you like to be prepared for any situation, whether it's in your ride, on the campsite, or even at home, the Trucker’s Friend is one tool that could come in handy. Make sure to pick one up for yourself or someone you know by clicking the link below (also available on Amazon).


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Gamble Gaslight

With all the stuff we carry, it's really easy to lose track of our gear. Keychains are especially notorious for mysteriously going missing, not to mention whatever you toss in your EDC pack. Having the right tool for the job when we need it the most is crucial—after all, you don't want to be fumbling for the right set of keys outside in the rain or rummaging through your backpack looking for a flashlight or knife in an emergency.

That's where a locator fob like Gamble's Gaslight comes in. It's an addition to your everyday carry that you can attach to a keychain or piece of gear that instantly makes it easier to find (not to mention look way more stylish).

Within the frame of the Gaslight is an Embrite module, a phosphorescent pellet that retains a glow when exposed to sunlight or UV light. It comes in two colors and a number of materials, so you can use multiple Gaslights to segregate, organize, and identify your gear immediately on sight. And thanks to its size, the Gaslight take up much space or weigh down your gear, so it's no hassle adding one to the rest of your EDC.

Stop second-guessing and grab the gear you need at a glance. Pledge for a Gaslight in your choice of exotic and rugged materials at the Kickstarter link below.

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Giveaway: Gerber US-Assist S30V

Update: Congrats to Ben H, winner of this week's giveaway!

Gerber's latest knife, the US-Assist S30V, uses brand new technology for a smooth and stable deployment every time. It's a great knife to add some comfort and reliability to your EDC, and the best part? We're giving it away for free! This week, we're giving one lucky reader a US Assist S30V, which uses B.O.S.S (balls of stainless steel) Tech, a ball-bearing system designed to reduce friction when you open it, brought to you by our sponsor Gerber.

Leatherman Wave

If there's one tried-and-true multi-tool to round out your everyday carry, it'd be the Leatherman Wave. Hundreds of EDCers carry one and swear by it. And since its debut, the Wave set the standard for full-sized multi-tools with its enduring, butterfly-style design. It packs a whole lot of tools into the Wave's heavy-duty frame, letting you carry a toolbox's worth of functions without weighing you down. Even better, the Wave lets you get to its important functions quickly and easily, making it one of the handiest tools to have within arm's reach.

There's no job you can't do with the Wave's 17 functions. Front and center are the Wave's signature pliers, which lets you use needle-nose, regular grooves, and even wire cutters in the same design. Within its “wings” are a pair of 420HC locking blades, both of which can be deployed one-handed and plain or serrated depending on your needs. These blades lie alongside a saw and double-sided file for extra cutting and finishing power.

At the end of the Wave's handles are the rest of its fold-out tools, which include a variety of drivers, openers, and even a pair of spring-action scissors to cover all your bases. Even with all this functionality and hardy construction, Leatherman stands by their flagship multitool with a 25-year warranty, making sure you're never without an effective everyday carry.

Carry the one tool you need to get the job done. Pick up Leatherman's iconic multitool as a gift or for yourself at the link below.


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Nodus Compact Wallet

While they're perfectly designed for slipping into your front pocket, the thing with cardholders is they can often be too restricting. You can slip four, maybe six cards into it, and that's that. But what about the rest of your cards, and cash, or even a spare key? Nodus's Compact Wallet has you covered — it crams the capacity of a billfold (and then some) into a super slim profile worthy of your front pocket.

The Compact packs one of the best features for any EDC wallet—quick access—but doesn't stop at just one or two frequently used cards. Its outer pull tab lets you cascade out up to 8 cards for nimble access and easy organization with full RFID blocking protection. On the other side, you'll find two more quick-access slots for your go-to cards at the register. With the right card configuration, you'll have both privacy and contactless entry/payment options all in the same wallet.

A central pocket accommodates everything else, from cash to business cards. And in that main compartment, there's a smaller slot for a spare key to use as either a backup option or for a minimalist carry.

The Compact Wallet (along with Nodus's other offerings, the Hifold Wallet and Compact 4 Card Wallet) comes in new leathers for the season. Nodus uses full-grain, veg-tan Italian leather that's been sustainably and ethically sourced.

Best of all, Nodus is offering 25% off the wallets and the option to donate that 25% to disaster relief charity ShelterBox if you choose to pay full price. Check out the Compact Wallet and more Nodus wallets at their shop below.

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SureFire P2X Fury Intellibeam

When darkness falls, you'll want a light that's easy to use in any situation. And while modern flashlights give you a ton of options for controlling brightness, the last thing you want is to blind yourself from accidentally activating it on its max setting. SureFire's new P2X Fury automatically adjusts its brightness to your needs the moment you turn it on thanks to its unique Intellibeam technology, making it an excellent everyday light to have handy at a moment's notice.

The Intellibeam system takes the P2X's 15 to 600-lumen range and adjusts its output to match your environment. An intelligent sensor and microprocessor in the light continuously scopes out your surroundings, and with a single click of its tail switch delivers just the brightness you need. Thanks to this system, the P2X will never activate on full power when you're in close quarters, and even saves you time fiddling with the light's interface to get to a suitable brightness when in use.

Sometimes, however, you still need those 600 lumens at your immediate disposal. The P2X grants you quick access to full brightness with a quick double-click of its switch. Paired with its smooth reflector, you get a powerful beam with a bright hotspot and plenty of throw to light up your area. The light is also plenty rugged for all situations thanks to a high-strength aerospace aluminum body with mil-spec hard anodization and a weatherproofed interior sealed with O-rings and gaskets.

Time to get smart with your EDC light. Pick up the P2X Fury with Intellibeam tech direct from SureFire at the link below.


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Rugged Material Front Pocket Wallet

For most of you, there's no better place to carry your wallet than in your front pocket. It's more secure and better for your back. But we all know pocket space is hard to come by. That's why Rugged Material optimized their most minimal wallet specifically for the front pocket. Their Front Pocket Wallet now comes complete with RFID protection, high capacity, and premium leather, all in a slim profile.

The Front Pocket Wallet manages to both up its card capacity and trim down bulk at the same time thanks to its clever offset cardslot layout. Instead of having cards, cash, and layers of leather stacked directly on top of each other, this design has cutaway slots (reducing the amount of leather used) on opposite ends (letting cards fit better and pack down more efficiently). This all works together to let the wallet compress down at a slight angle, leaving enough space for folded bills in its central pocket. At just 0.1875” thin when empty, it can still accommodate up to 10 cards and 10 bills in all.

Your cards are RFID-protected on both sides of the wallet as well, thanks to the CRYPTALLOY shielding foil used on this new version of the Front Pocket Wallet. And true to their name, Rugged Material uses high quality Horween Chromexcel leather for longevity, luxurious handfeel, and a rewarding patina over time.

The wallet's made in the USA (from leathers out of Chicago), finished with silver branding, and backed with a lifetime guarantee. If you've been meaning to make the switch to a front pocket wallet, don't sit this one out. You can grab Rugged Material's newest wallet in Brown, Black, or Burgundy Chromexcel leather for your everyday carry at the link below.

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Giveaway: SureFire EB1 Backup

Update: Congrats to Denise H, winner of this giveaway! Thanks to everyone who participated. This contest is now over.

A flashlight is one of the best things you can add to your everyday carry, and we've got just the thing to add some power to your pocket. The best part? We're giving it away for free! This week, we're giving one lucky reader a tactical EDC flashlight that could be just the backup you need when you get caught in the dark, brought to you by our sponsor SureFire. You know the name. They've been making some of the hardest-use flashlights and tactical equipment for nearly 40 years, gear designed for the harshest conditions and professions.

Trayvax "Stealth Black" Element Wallet

Handcrafted, leather, and metal. A powerful combination that—when done right—results in quality products that can last a lifetime. For a wallet, that's pretty important, since you probably use yours all the time. Trayvax have been making quality wallets (that a lot of our readers were excited about) since their crowdfunding days, but now they're back making one of their best wallets even better.

The best features from the original Element are here to stay, of course. That includes top-grain oil-tanned leather, type II mil-spec paracord, and a raw tumbled stainless steel, assembled and handcrafted in the USA. You can fit 3-10 cards and 1-5 bills in the wallet, and carry it well thanks to its compact profile and sturdy lanyard attachment point.

The new Stealth Black Element wallet takes on the same silhouette as the original design, but improves on it in every way. For starters, it's lighter, thanks to its new single-plate construction. This design allows for a new, enhanced money clip and an easier-to-use bottle opener. The "Black Edition" Elements also feature a new melonite finish for increased durability. Best of all, you get a lifetime warranty with the Element, so if somehow you manage to break yours, Trayvax will stand behind their product.

It may look discreet and minimal, but the the Stealth Black Element means business with its build quality. Available now direct from Trayvax at the link below.

Buy ($84.99)

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Gerber US Assist S30V

One of the strongest first impressions you'll get with your everyday carry knife starts with how it feels when you first open it. Fast, comfortable, and safe — that's what you're looking for. Even better, it feels reliable, like “sticking” over time won't be an issue. Gerber's latest knife, the US Assist S30V, uses brand new technology for a smooth and stable deployment every time. It's called B.O.S.S (balls of stainless steel) Tech, a ball-bearing system designed to reduce friction during opening.

You can deploy the US Assist's CPM S30V drop point blade using either hand thanks to dual ramped thumbstuds. The blade then locks into place with a plunge-lock that uses a crossbolt to secure it open or closed. With a 3” blade, 3.9 ounce weight  (thanks in part to lightweight FRN handles), a removable pocket clip that lets you carry it tip up or tip down, and a lanyard hole, the US Assist makes for a superb everyday carry knife. And if you're wondering about the name, that's because the US Assist is made right in the USA.

Ready to add some balls to your EDC? Pick up the Gerber US Assist direct from Gerber at the link below.

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