Giveaway: Win a Dango Belt!

Who else loves free EDC gear? This week, we're hooking up one lucky reader with a versatile belt brought to you by our sponsor, Dango Products. The San Francisco-based company are best known for their multi-function minimalist wallets, and it's your chance to win their new Dango Belt. Their debut into utility essentials aims to give you both form and function to make the most of your everyday clothing.

Nodus Lofold Wallet

You'd think finding a solid EDC wallet would be fairly straight forward, but it often turns out to be far from the truth. A good wallet doesn't just hold your cards — it should organize them, protect them, and make them convenient to use and access. Nodus checks all those boxes with their line-up of EDC wallets while also adding handy features like cash-, coin-, and key pockets. Their newest bifold, the Lofold, brings all of that functionality to a more compact footprint, making it the perfect fit for shorter currencies like US or Canadian dollars. All this, plus a gorgeous veg-tan leather build makes the Lofold a strong contender for your next wallet.

The Nodus Lofold might just be your all-in-one solution for carrying the essential cards, IDs, and cash you need on a daily basis. It has enough space to carry 11 cards with plenty of organization depending on how and when you need to use your cards. Frequently used cards like your ID, debit, and credit card get their own space thanks to three easy access card slots. For the rest of your cards you need with you, there's a stash pocket on the inside of the billfold section to keep them all in one spot.

The Lofold keeps those cards secure from fraudsters with its built-in RFID shielding. But its innovative design also lets you leave a single card unshielded so you can use it for contactless payments or building entry when needed. Carrying cash is super simple too, as the billfold section is designed to accommodate cash without needing to fold it beforehand. There's even a dedicated slot for your house key, helping you further consolidate your carry.  

But beyond the practicality, you'll also appreciate the premium feel of the supple, vegetable-tanned Italian leather on the Lofold wallet. It's available in three different colors, from chestnut brown, ebony black, and dark teal, so you can pick the shade that fits your personal style The Nodus Lofold's compelling mix of EDC-friendly features and smart looks set it apart as superior compared to other bifold wallets. Find out more about the Nodus Lofold wallet at the link below.

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EverRatchet: Ratcheting Keychain Multi-tool

The biggest problem with keychain multi-tools is finding one with the right balance between form and function. Small tools are easier to carry, but harder to use. Larger tools are quite the opposite. The EverRatchet from Gear Infusion hits just the right balance of size and functionality while adding something never before seen on a keychain multi-tool. The EverRatchet’s integrated bit driver has a unique ratcheting mechanism that makes quick fixes even faster.

The EverRatchet’s key feature works thanks to what Gear Infusion calls their “dynamic ratcheting beam.” Through some careful design and engineering, they’ve managed to create a system that holds the bit still under force but lets the tool rotate back to its starting position to get additional torque in use. In practice, it's not at all as complicated as it sounds. To tighten a screw, put the bit driver in the ratchet hole, and turn it back and forth like you would a normal ratchet. Loosening a screw is just a matter of flipping the tool over and rotating it in the other direction. In addition to the ratchet, you’ll find a fire flint, scraper, pry bar, measuring tool, and 7 wrenches of different sizes. The tool measures in at just under 2.5” in length — ideal for keychain or coin pocket carry.

Currently, the EverRatchet is tens of thousands of dollars over its funding goal. Pledges start at a reasonable $16 for a stainless steel tool and $21 for the titanium version, both of which include a #2 Philips Bit and Fire Flint to sweeten the deal. Hit the link below to see the tool in action and snag one for yourself.

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Uberleben Leicht Firestarter

Few people will deny that a fire starter is a handy tool to have, but they’re not always made for EDC. Long rods and awkward carrying cases make them easier to stash in a bag than in your pockets. But every now and then something comes along that won’t take up any pocket space at all. This time, that comes in the form of the Uberleben Leicht fire starter neck lanyard. It weighs next to nothing, but in an emergency situation it could be the most important tool in your carry.

If you’ve ever gone hiking you know that packing light is essential. The Leicht fire starter weighs only one ounce, leaving you with more weight to work with for the rest of your loadout. Plus, the lanyard itself is made from paracord, which has plenty of emergency and survival applications as well. It's threaded through a ferrocerium rod and ring scraper designed to work together to get sparks flying to start your fires. Whether you’re at high altitudes trekking through mountains or stuck in a rainstorm, you can count on the Leicht to light. With a lifespan of around 12,000 strikes, this isn’t a “one and done” kind of tool.

Even if your day to day is a little less adventurous, it’s always good to be prepared. Whether you're looking to add a firestarter to your EDC or want an ultralight backup, the Uberleben Leicht is a convenient option. Get one for your kit at the link below.

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Get Unique, Curated Gear for Less with Bespoke Post

When you think about it, no two EDCs are exactly alike. It's a beautiful thing. Having gear that's unique and perfectly fitting for your needs, style, and preferences is part of the fun of assembling a kit. And when it comes to finding unique, quality gear, Bespoke Post does it better than the rest. They assemble themed, curated boxes of gear and ship them directly to you each month at a sweet value. Whether you're looking for to upgrade your pockets, style, or other gear in your life, they've got something special just for you.

Chances are we care about our gear both in and out of our pockets. Bespoke Post boxes are all crafted with a specific theme for the different aspects of your day-to-day, ranging from EDC, travel gear, and outdoor equipment to the finer things in life, like cocktail and old-school shaving kits. They're the result of careful curation from small-batch brands and makers you might not know about, but definitely should.

They'll assign you an awesome box every month, and if you see a box of gear you like, you can get that one shipped to you as your monthly box. Your box will come with at least $70 worth of gear but only cost you $45 with your subscription. If none of the boxes catch your eye that month, you can simply opt to skip a delivery that month and check back for new gear the next month. This makes it easy to discover new gear, brands, and hobbies. You can even cancel at any time in case the boxes aren't quite your speed. Check out the boxes for yourself at the link below to make your EDC stand out from the rest.

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Deal Alert: Dango Father's Day Wallet and Belt Bundles

Father's Day is around the corner on the 17th, but there's still time to get dad some great gear. And while he may be set with his EDC, there's still a few essentials you can get him that will add to both his security and utility. For this Father's Day Dango put together some gear bundles that you and your dad can share to upgrade your essentials, or give him a choice of backup in case of EDC emergency. Whichever the case, it's the perfect time to grab some great deals on Dango's latest and most popular products.

Dango's first featured bundle is a pair of D01 Dapper wallets and paracord tethers. The wallet is fully structured with a low-profile design and less tactical flair, making it TSA-friendly for urban carry. Dango combined their usual premium leather with durable aerospace aluminum resulting in a comfortable wallet that doesn't take up too much pocket space. It accommodates up to 12 cards total and keeps them safe from skimming thanks to RFID protection. The tethers are made from 10 feet of 550 paracord woven into a 6” cobra weave and tipped with an HK clip on one end to ensure your wallet is securely fastened to your pocket or bag.

The second bundle also includes a pair of tethers, but this time matched to Dango's T01 Tactical wallets. The T01's tough aluminum frame wrapped in premium leather makes for a tool that will keep your bases (and your money) covered in any occasion. It can hold up to 12 cards and has a tough elastic band for a few folded bills as well. But if you want to take advantage of all that this wallet has to offer, the included MT02 multi-tool adds 14 extra tools to your carry. Even with the MT02 inside, the wallet still only weighs 3.4 ounces and maintains a slim 0.38 inch profile.

Finally, Dango's third featured bundle includes their new Dango Belt in both Jet Black and Whiskey Brown colorways, perfect for matching dad's every outfit. The Dango Belt comes in two parts: a strap handmade in the USA from Italian vegetable-tanned leather, and a 7-piece buckle machined from high-strength but lightweight 7075 aluminum. The buckle also holds a capsule that integrates into its frame. With a 0.3" inner diameter and 1.9" internal height, it's a discreet part of the belt's design while giving you a space to hold small essentials such as pills, matches, or a secret stash for cash.

Whether you're stepping up your wallet and belt game for yourself and your dad or giving him some fresh new essentials for his EDC, Dango's got Father's Day covered with their discounted bundles. But that's not all—head on over to their site to check out their other deals so you can save even more on the perfect gift.

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Dango Belt

For many people, a belt is a belt: a piece of leather that holds your pants up. But for EDCers, a good belt is the difference between a guy keeping his outfit together and Batman. And like the rest of the tools they carry every day, a functional, reliable belt can perform well on its own while coming in handy at a moment's notice. Just like the Caped Crusader's famous accessory, Dango's debut into belts seeks to give you both form and function to make the most of your everyday clothing.

Before anything else, a belt has to its job well, which means it has to be built well enough to never let you—or your pants—down. The Dango Belt comes in two parts: a strap handmade in the USA from Italian vegetable-tanned leather, and a 7-piece buckle machined from high-strength but lightweight 7075 aluminum. 

The buckle itself is removable, meaning you can swap out straps to different colors (your choice of Jet Black or Whiskey Brown) to fit your daily ensemble. The buckle also holds a capsule that integrates into its frame. With a 0.3" inner diameter and 1.9" internal height, it's a discreet part of the belt's design while giving you a space to hold small essentials such as pills, matches, or a secret stash for cash.

The Dango Belt is an uncompromising accessory that looks good and performs even better for EDC. You can pick one up in your choice of size and strap color direct from Dango at the link below.

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Giveaway: Win 5.11 Lightweight Summer Essentials!

Update: Congrats to Joseph M., winner of this week's giveaway! Thanks to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for more giveaways here on Everyday Carry for more chances to win.

Who else loves free EDC gear? This week, we're hooking up one lucky reader with a sleek set of summer essentials brought to you by our sponsor, 5.11 Tactical. They're a brand that needs no introduction to EDCers with their decades-long commitment to useful and reliable gear, and it's your chance to win some lightweight picks for when the temperatures rise.

Dango T02 Titanium Tactical Wallet

While most gear is made from strong stainless steel or lightweight aluminum, one prized material combines the best of both worlds: titanium. But the toughness that makes titanium perfect for EDC is also what makes it so hard to work with to make a finished product. That's why titanium is usually reserved for only the best everyday carry gear. By swapping a titanium chassis into the mix, the new Dango T02 titanium tactical wallet takes its durability and light weight to the next level while keeping everything that made the original great. And this time around, it offers even more capacity in an all-new bifold design so you won't have to compromise capacity for a slim profile.

Like the rest of Dango's popular EDC-friendly wallet designs, the T02 mixes minimalist aesthetics with practical qualities like EDC multi-functionality, a high capacity, and slim design. Two things set this particular model apart. The first is the beautiful one-piece solid titanium chassis that's more durable and corrosion-resistant compared to previous models while still being incredibly lightweight. The high-quality chassis is precision CNC-machined in the United States, and built tough enough to handle all the bumps and scrapes of daily use. And because it's made out of corrosion-resistant titanium, it can stand up to the elements even outdoors in poor weather.

And like other wallets in the Dango lineup, the T02 is compatible with the included 14-function stainless steel MT02 multi-tool. The MT02 insert covers essential EDC functions like opening boxes and bottles, helping you further reduce the bulk in your EDC.

The addition of titanium to the Dango wallet line-up is a welcome, logical progression towards everyday durability and light weight. If you're in the market for a new EDC wallet that strikes a balance of premium feel with practical features, make sure to give the T02 Tactical Wallet a look at the link below.

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Giveaway: Win a Dango D007 Limited Edition Wallet!

Update: Congratulations to Timothy S., winner of this week's giveaway! Stay tuned for more gear to win here on Everyday Carry.

Who else loves free EDC gear? This week, we're hooking up one lucky reader with a limited edition wallet brought to you by our sponsor, Dango Products. The San Francisco-based company is a masterful manufacturer of multi-function minimalist wallets, and it's your chance to win one of their most stylish models. It's a wallet that would fit right in the pockets of a suave super spy, while still functional and rugged enough to EDC.

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Zelos Mako Bronze 500m Diver

For many watch enthusiasts, dive watches represent the endgame of watch collecting. By design, they're made with the highest tolerances and the best materials to perform their core functions. But they're also an excellent platform to showcase a manufacturer's prowess. That's exactly what Zelos did with their Mako 500m dive watch. From fit and finish to features, the Mako series puts together classic design with modern construction to build a watch that can take any pressure.

The first thing you'll notice with the Zelos Mako is its distinct bronze case. The material—marine-grade CuSn8 bronze alloy—starts out with a lustrous gold color, and with use develops a patina unique to the watch's owner. The Mako comes in a 40mm case meant to evoke the speed and sleekness of its namesake shark. You have a choice among 3 options for its 120-click bezel, including ceramic options that give the Mako both a pop of color and extra hardness against impact.

The Mako's second key feature is its box-shaped sapphire crystal designed as a nod to 60s acrylic crystal styles (minus the scratches). This pairs nicely with the watch's classic diver design and functionality. Its dial is dotted with highly legible indices and markings and a generous use of C3 and BGW9 lume—the two brightest and longest-lasting lumes you can find on a watch—keeps it visible even in the darkness of the depths. You even have an option of a Mako with a Muonionalusta meteorite dial, giving it an exotic look that could only come from a material that landed over a million years ago in northern Scandinavia.

The Mako isn't all about the past, though. Under its 500m-sealed case ticks a modern Sellita SW200 Swiss Movement: reliable and accurate with a 38-hour power reserve and hacking and date features for its timekeeping. It's automatic, of course, meaning that keeping the watch going is a matter of simply wearing it. Which is easy thanks to both its compact frame and its two included straps of waxed leather and Tropic rubber, the latter of which was a signature component of dive watches in the 60s.

The Mako Bronze 500m dive watch is now available for pre-order at a special launch price of $429 ($569 for the meteorite versions) until June 15th, with orders shipping in 2-3 weeks. You can pick one up at the link below.

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Deal Alert: Dango Memorial Day Sale (20% Off)

Dango has made a name for themselves by making the most of your pockets, with minimalist and multi-function wallets and organizers for every kind of EDC. There's the sleek D01 and tactical T01 if you're considering upgrading to a compact but tough wallet. You can consolidate your essentials with the P01, or even slip a slim multi-tool into your existing wallet to add more functionality to your pockets. Whatever your choice, it's the perfect time to upgrade your pockets with Dango's Memorial Day sale, giving you 20% off across their entire site for the rest of the week. Enter "MD20" at checkout.

For some gear inspiration, check out how our readers carry their Dango products.

Shop the sale at Dango's site at the link below and be sure to enter "MD20" at checkout to save 20%.

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Nomatic Travel Bag

Finding a travel bag that can keep up with you as you switch from planes to trains and back again isn’t easy. The Nomatic Travel Bag was made to be the perfect bag for your next trip. It’s spacious enough to carry everything you need, tough enough to rely on, and jam-packed with features frequent flyers will appreciate.

Whether you’re going out of town for the weekend or taking a family vacation, the Travel Bag can take the wear and tear. Its waterproof tarpaulin exterior will keep all of your gear safe from rain while ergonomic straps make it easy to carry larger loads. You can also configure those same padded shoulder straps so you can carry duffel bag style when in a crowded space. And if you’re carrying an extra heavy load, the handy waist straps let you take some of that weight off of your back. Not to mention that it meets carry-on standards for most airlines so you can get on with your trip as soon as you land.

Having to unpack your entire bag just to get your laptop out in a busy airport security line can be stressful, and no one wants to be the person looking frantically in every pocket for a misplaced passport. The Nomatic Travel Bag solves both of those issues with a quick-access, padded laptop sleeve a dedicated RFID-blocking pocket for your passport and other valuables.

You’ll get side pockets for organizing any smaller essentials like charging cables and earbuds, another pocket that’s perfect for stashing a good book, a compartment on the bottom for spare shoes, and even a pocket for your water bottle complete with a leak-proof lining that will keep the main compartment dry. To top it all off you’ll also get a laundry bag so you can keep your clean and dirty clothes separate.

It doesn’t take a lot to turn a good trip into a great one. Removing the stress of travel while adding versatility that other bags don’t provide might be what your next adventure needs. If you’re looking to step up your travel game make sure to check out the Nomatic Travel Bag via the link below.

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Nodus Compact Card Wallet

Too often minimalist wallet designs focus only on reducing the amount of cards you carry. While reducing bulk is a good thing, it shouldn't come at the expense of convenience. With most minimalist wallets, it can be a hassle having to pull cards out every time you need to use them, for example. And carrying cash in them is a serious chore, if it's even an option. That's why Nodus aims to change all that with their new Compact Card Wallet. Its thoughtful design makes things easy whether you're using cards or cash.

The Compact Card wallet is easy to use because it keeps 2-4 of your most essential cards at hand in its quick-access, external card slot. What makes this slot special is its convenient “intelligent RFID shielding.”  It lets you keep a single card unshielded for making contactless payments or opening doors without having to pull the card out of the wallet. The rest of your cards sit safe from skimmers and fraudsters in the shielded section of the wallet. If you want full protection, you can set up the wallet to cover all your cards as well. Its central pocket is sized to accommodate once-folded bills for those times you need cash on you. There's even a dedicated space for a small house key, further consolidating your carry by keeping your most used key separate from the others.

The convenient practicality of the Compact Card wallet comes with attractive looks too. It's available in three different finishes of premium veg-tan leather, from traditional brown, to rich black, and a colorful teal green. Check out the Nodus Compact Card wallet at the link below.

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Dango P01 Pioneer Pack Bundle

As your EDC grows to cover more and more bases, managing how you carry everything can get tricky. There's more to it than simply shoving everything in your pockets and calling it a day. Consolidation is key. That's what makes the Dango P01 Pioneer wallet so compelling: it's a minimalist leather wallet and journal cover, complete with an integrated notebook and pen. With the new Pioneer Pack Bundle, you can toss in a one-piece multi-tool, some emergency paracord, and a spy capsule to round it out as an all-in-one kit. And since it's currently on sale at a discount, now's the best time to consolidate your carry.

The centerpiece of the Pioneer Pack Bundle is the P01 wallet. It's made from durable veg-tan leather for a comfortable, luxe handfeel that breaks in over time to accommodate up to 20 cards. It features an RFID-blocking laminated section to keep your information safe, as well as a silicone band to keep everything together.

The P01 holds more than just cards and cash, though. It's a journal cover with a built-in 48-page notebook and space for Dango's own CNC-machined aluminum EDC pen so you can take notes out and about. The pen takes a pressurized ink refill, meaning it'll reliably write in most conditions, too.

The other bundled items bring tons of extra functionality to the table. For starters, the MT02 multi-tool crams 14 functions into a stainless steel body roughly the size of a credit card. It covers your day-to-day tasks with handy wrenches, drivers, bottle and can openers, and a serrated sharpened edge for cutting cordage and boxes. Next, the paracord lanyard is a convenient way to have access to emergency cordage in survival situations, as well as the wallet itself when retrieving it from your pocket. Lastly, the food-grade aluminum stash capsule keeps your small essentials safe thanks to its waterproof construction and also gives you more to grip onto when handling the wallet.

You can get this nearly complete EDC as a bundle to save $25, available from Dango at the link below.

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