How to Carry a Fisher Space Pen 8 Different Ways

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If we had to pick just one pen for EDC, we’d probably go with the Fisher Space Pen. It’s the most popular and most carried pen among Everyday Carry members for a reason: it’s compact, affordable, durable, and it writes anywhere.

That kind of performance is crucial: if something happens that’s important enough to write down, you don’t want to be caught scribbling chicken scratches to get ink flowing.

Everyday Carry member Niklas shows how compact the pen is in his EDC submission.

However, the almighty Space Pen isn’t perfect. One paradoxical drawback to a pen this portable is it might actually be harder to carry. It’s not a traditionally sized pen, after all. But that short size lets it sneak its way into a bunch of different carry options. 

Today, we’ll be looking at a few of those setups—many of which were picked up from our very own community. Kudos to all of you EDCers out there doing your best to Carry Smarter.

Fun fact: the Fisher Space Pen actually turns 50 this year. It’s impressive to think that such an unassuming pen design thought up in 1966 has endured for so long. But hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? And to all you diehard collectors, you might want to pick up a commemorative 50th anniversary special edition pen, too.

How to Carry a Fisher Space Pen in Your EDC

1. Clipped to Your Pocket

Get a hold of a Space Pen with a pocket clip, or buy the clip as an add-on, and secure it to a shirt or pants pocket. This is the obvious choice that would work nicely for most of you. That doesn’t, however, mean it’s necessarily the best one. While the clip keeps your Space Pen in place in your pocket, keep in mind it’s still just an add-on piece. It snaps onto the pen using only friction to hold onto the body. If you’re prone to wearing out your pocket clips through especially hard use, better to not risk it and consider one of the following options instead.

2. Deep in Your Pocket

Okay, so you lucked out and somehow have an uncanny ability to never lose pens. You probably don’t need anything particularly fancy to keep your pen from wandering off. In that case, you’d be fine just slipping the pen in your pocket. It’s small enough and has smooth edges, so you won’t have to worry about scratches or pokes. No nightmarish ink leaking either, thanks to its long, sturdy cap and brass barrel construction.

3. In a Bifold Wallet

Traditional bifold wallets aren’t exactly the most compact option to EDC, but if you’re going to carry a bigger wallet, you might as well make the most of the space it takes up. Since the card slots on bifold wallets tend to be the thickest part, when you fold your wallet closed, you’ll have some empty space at the “spine” of the bifold—a perfect place to stash your bullet pen.

4. In a Dedicated Pen Wallet

Some more modern, minimalist wallets have loops specifically designed to fit a Fisher Space Pen. This is especially useful if you know you’ll be carrying a pen anyway, as having both a compact pen and an ultra slim wallet can feel really “loose” in your pocket. Consolidating them with wallets like the formfunctionform Architect’s wallet, a MonolithLeatherGoods wallet shown above, or the naoLoop Pen wallet as a non-leather option could make your carry more manageable and comfortable in the pocket.

5. In a Gear Caddy

To take this a step further, you can consolidate the rest of your pocket carry in a gear caddy. These are like multi-item sheaths or wallets designed just for tools. Some even have space for cards and cash, like the Urban Organizer pictured above, letting you minimalists carry your whole setup in one place. Besides the benefits of having your gear organized and conveniently consolidated, gear caddies like this also keep your tools from scratching each other (and your phone screen).

6. In a Pouch Organizer

You might like carrying a pen on you just in case of emergency, but don’t actually find yourself jotting with it throughout the day. Or, you’ve got a bit more in your kit than a front pocket gear caddy can handle. In either case, an EDC pouch organizer is probably your best bet. They’ve got elastic webbing and loops for holding onto smaller items. Your pen would fit nicely next to a lighter, a small flashlight, batteries, etc. It’s not the most easily accessible way to carry your pen, but it’s plenty secure and organized. If this looks up your alley, don’t miss our full buying guide to EDC pouch organizers here.

7. DIY: On Your Keychain

If you know your way around a drill, you can DIY a keychain attachment point on the cap of your pen and fix some hardware together for a neat keychain option. Everyday Carry member TvL shared this clever carry method and even went to call it the “best pen for EDC.” Because of the cap’s snug fit and lightweight body, there’s less of a chance your pen will fall off your keychain. Also, since the Space Pen uses a solid brass construction, it should be sturdy enough at the attachment point. This is definitely a more involved route to go to hack this together—do it at your own risk!

8. With a Binder Clip

As a shockingly simple, highly economical, “why didn’t I think of that?“-clever way to carry pen and paper together, use a binder clip! Everyday Carry reader Christopher K put us onto this easy, reversible, and low-cost double whammy of a carry option. It not only secures your pen in place, but it also keeps your pocket notebook shut. That makes it easier to carry in your pocket and helps prevent unwanted creasing and wear.

I know hundreds of you reading this carry a Fisher Space Pen, and a bunch of you probably cooked up some ingenious method not mentioned here. Spill your secrets! Your fellow EDCers will thank you. So leave a comment with what you’ve found to be the best way to EDC a Fisher Space Pen below. If you found this guide helpful, please share it with your EDC buddies too.

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