Weekend Parent Carry

Christopher K
Raleigh, North Carolina
I can be called upon to fix toys, make a grocery list, open a beer or find something underneath the couch at a moment's notice.

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Le Ngo Duy ·
Nice idea for clip at field note
Patrick LaFollette ·
I had that flashlight for 6 months. It broke twice: each time after about 3 months, the emitter just died. The first time I had them replace it. The second time, I bought a Thrunite 10T and I've been happy ever since. The L11C is really good when it works, but they need to improve their manufacturing.
Christopher K ·
I have read about reported quality issues with this light (or at least the L10C). So far, I love this thing. The moonlight mode allows me to look for children's ibuprofen at 3 am and avoid cat barf in the dark.
Patrick LaFollette ·
Oh I definitely get you on the moonlight. I have a 2.5 year old and moonlight mode is a go/no-go for me on an EDC flashlight. That new Lumintop featured on this site doesn't have one; otherwise I'd consider buying it.