Andrew Sutton
Teacher (age 26)
Wales, Great Britain UK
The first thing that needs to be pointed out with this EDC is that I carry all of these items every day, however in line with my job my Victorinox Huntsman never enters school premises.

Other than that all the items are real favourites of mine. I like the blend of budget items (which includes my car I guess), and higher end items, my Seamaster comes to mind here. Each item has a purpose, and fulfils its purpose well. Anything that's wasteful or lacks use isn't worthy of being an EDC item.

I love both Fenix torches, however the E15 really is an outstanding EDC torch.

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Daniel Friar ·
Very nice loadout mate. Love the watch. Have you had it long? I'm hoping to upgrade my Omega Speedmaster to a Rolex Deepsea Sea-dweller. And also want to upgrade my wallet before I submit my EDC
Andrew Sutton ·
To be honest it's a little over 24 hours old... it was the inspiration behind my upload today. I'll upload my weekend carry at some point, slightly different blade etc. Deepsea is a nice watch, but I'm Seamster through and through.