Commercial Shipping Office Carry

this is my typical office dress carry, I love GEC knives, true classics and not scary for opening mail, etc.. The Benchmade Barrage was my least favorite knife until I upgraded the scales from KSF and switched to a deep carry clip, very discreet now. The Sharp Kerry is my favorite mechanical pencil of all time. Recently I moved into fountain pens and found this awesome one from Edison, hand made in USA !! Any nice writing utensil requires an equally nice notebook, after years of Moleskine, am sold on the Leuchtturm 1917's. The shipping business is a global and timeless industry, where traditions of daily activities often are decades if not centuries old. Hence I have an affliction for office carry of days gone past, and well the Benchmade...is for the challenges of today's world.

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Nice Seamaster. I've got a 2342.20.00. Love those white dials.