Every Day Rural/Urban Carry

Jake M
Chef (age 28)
Honesdale, Pennsylvania
I found the "Abas" leather cardholder/wallet at a thrift shop a few years ago. I love how it looks and feels with a nice solid snap closure, and that broken in look after years of use. It easily holds my Kikkerland credit card multitool, which I received as a gift, and have actually found myself using on more than a few occasions. The Zebra ballpoint writes beautifully on the moleskine notebook (the notebook is actually carried in the same back left pocket as the wallet)

My Thrunite Ti3 is the perfect EDC flashlight in my opinion. I am able to turn it on to the desired setting with one hand, and its incredibly bright for its size.

The Nite Ize S-biner is a breath of fresh air after using a traditional carabiner. I keep it hooked to my right hip belt loop so I can easily tuck my keys, multitool, etc into my right back pocket. I like how it keeps the "working end" (the part that attaches to my belt loop) separate from the end that holds my things.

A small alteration was done to the County Comm Split Pea lighter. After the wick burned down I found it incredibly difficult, even impossible, to extend it. I noticed by looking inside there was plenty of wick left and the problem was that the hole that the wick went through was way too small. I simply drilled it out to a larger size and it works like a charm. I don't smoke, but I like having a lighter on hand, especially in the restaurant business to re-light a pilot, or lend to a stressed out waiter/waitress.

The Gerber Dime is a very nice addition to my carry. its small and light enough to keep on my s-biner, and delivers enough usefulness to remain there. We all know how they work, so I wont go into much detail... however, those tweezers have saved my ass more than once!

Last but not least, The Kershaw. Never have I used a knife that just felt so comfortable before, like an extension of my hand. That's mainly due to the fact that its my ONLY pocket knife and gets used many times a day. I don't know if i can switch, but I'm always open to recommendations.

The knife, pen, and flashlight all fit comfortably in the coin pocket of my jeans. They're easy to retrieve and put back and can all be used with one hand. my phone sits in my front left pocket and cash in my front right (not in my wallet). my back left houses my notebook and wallet, and my back right holds my keys (attached to a belt loop) and miscellany like spare change or receipts I want to keep until I get home.

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