Black is the new Black

Luis Mercado
Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico
These are the things I can't leave home without.

The iPhone 6 it's my communication HUB, but also it has becoming a micro workstation as I explore further into post-internet art.

The iPad Mini 2 is my man teaching tool. All my classes are loaded in either Keynote or Goodreader as PDFs. It's also my main reader and browsing tool, although I'm planning to get a Kindle in the future. I do basic music recording with it using Garageband and Korg Apps.

The Jotter has been my favorite pen for years. I watched my grandfather using these for years. They are finely crafted and are not expensive.

The Sol Republic's Master Tracks XC tune by Calvin Harris. The most comfortable over the ear cans I've ever used. They sound excellent.

The iPod Shuffle is loaded with a small selection of ALAC tracks for a nice CD quality output.

The Tommy Hilfiger's TH 1135 is a nice set of prescription glasses, mainly for reading.

Ray Ban Meteors, maybe my most essential and constant carry, along the iPhone. I love the Wayfarer-ish style, but I find the Meteors to be better looking, different enough to distinguish themselves from a world rightly in love with the common Wayfarers.

Not pictured: Fuji X100s Camera. My main work tool.

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I like that both screens are smashed. Very real EDC ;-)
Luis Mercado ·
Not smashed. They have a black marble wallpaper.