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Nomad Wallet

Jacob Dean
Nomad Wallet

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It’s easy to get attached to something as personal as your wallet. The problem is that sentimental value and practical value just aren’t the same. The Nomad Wallet for iPhone is an excellent example of how much wallets have evolved, and why it might be time to upgrade your carry. The Nomad Wallet's key feature is an integrated 2400mAh lithium ion battery. Housed in the crush-resistant spine of the wallet, this provides enough power to fully charge an iPhone 6s and comes with its own built-in lightning cable. Made from durable black saffiano leather, the Nomad Wallet for iPhone comes with six card slots and a bill fold: all the same features as the wallet that your grandfather bought at a gas station 65 years ago and passed on to you, but with 100% less duct tape to hold it all together. With its space-saving design and durable built-in charger, the Nomad Wallet lets you do more while carrying less. Order before November 15th at the link below to snag a preorder bonus and save 20% off of the retail price.

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Merrill Gold ·
As an emergency power source it doesn't need to be so large. They should have considered using a smaller flat lithium cell. You need enough power to get you home, not to take selfies with the tow truck driver...
Joshua Vander Klipp ·
Not sure about the practicality of sitting on that. On another note I expect my wallets to last for at least 5 years, if not 10, and one more gadget going obsolete in a year or two (not to mention the battery wearing out) makes me wonder why this was created. Two objects which function great on their own, are worse when combined.
Bernard Capulong ·
Hm, I'd advise against sitting on anything if you can help it. There's evidence that backpocket wallet carry does a number on your spine, and it feels less secure than riding front pocket. And on your other point yea, some people definitely stick with the buy it for life wallet approach. Others are constantly on the hunt for a more streamlined carry, and this product probably appeals to those EDCers more. I often share my charger with other people so I wouldn't rock this Nomad, but I see the appeal in having one as an all-in-one carry.
Joshua Vander Klipp ·
Hey Bernard,
I'm sure it is not great for me to sit on an uneven surface all day. I usually end up taking my wallet out after an hour or two at my desk. I have looked at front pocket wales but between a phone, pen, notebook, lighter, torch, keys, knife, and what ever else there doesn't seem to be much room. I also know one guy who carries a money clip/front pocket wallet while every other person carries traditional wallets. Heres to hoping battery life increases for all our devices so extra capacity becomes a moot point. What I would do for a phone with a 2-3 day battery. Thanks for the reply.