PhD Carry, Books Not Included

These are the key items in my daily carry. Most of the gear rides in the bag, and the bag never leaves my side. I try to go for cheap and utilitarian, then ride it till the wheels fall off. The multi-tools and knife have been with me for years and get me out jams all the time—mostly emergency fixes of musical gear. PA systems, amps, pedal boards, bassoon thumb rests, trombone spit valves, you name it. The lighter doesn't get much use, but it makes fire so why replace it? The wallet is a decade old gift from my wife, the corners are wearing through all the way around and I love it that way. Not replacing it until it completely falls apart. The comb is pretty mangled but it gets the job done. The bag is newer, but I'm super happy with it and think we're going to have a very long relationship. Its my daily bag, but I've also traveled with it pretty extensively over the past year. Couldn't be happier. The power bank is a bit overkill, but its awesome for travel and camping. Oh, and those Cactus picks are absolutely fantastic: delrin, super grippy, really nice.

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