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Limefuel Blast L200X Pro

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Limefuel Blast L200X Pro

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It's no surprise how useful a backup battery can be for the electronics you carry as a major part of your daily kit. What is unexpected, however, is how far battery technology has progressed in recent years. The Limefuel Blast not only packs a 20,000mAh capacity (good for many charges for your devices), but it can also share that capacity across four USB ports. Each of the ports also charge quickly with a 2-amp input, double the amperage most stock device adaptors can charge with. The Blast's smart electronics notify you of charge levels and even shuts the battery off automatically to preserve itself and to avoid overcharging. The pack also comes in a sleek aluminum case for ease of carry. You can top up your carry and all your everyday electronics with the Limefuel Blast, available now from our online shop at the link below.


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