Slupsk, Poland
This is my latest set. Not only one, so it's bit hard to call it 'everyday'... but guess everyone here knows how hard is to choose only one option. Anyway, this is one I like the most. Had a problem with multitool in proper colour and then I realized I gotta anodize the crap out of Leatherman ;)

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Love the ZT knife!
That thing is so freaking expensive.
Fantastic spread. Did you make the lanyard for the Maratac? Looks awesome with the copper end cap.
Thanks :D Yeah, It's a shock cord in a simple hangman's knot :D This bead is a piece of small copper pipe :D
I'm digging your snake knot into button/lanyard knot to make the lanyards on all of your knives. Very neat.
Everything looks used but well taken care of.
Really like the Harpy Custom knife!
Nice setup. Will sit well with my machine Era brass wallet
And now I need a new wallet ;)
Love the custom Charge
How do you carry your fixed blade and what do you use it for everyday? I'm in the market for a fixed blade for self defense and everyday use and I'm between the one that you have and the kabar
I love the brass and copper! You may like my Kickstarter project, The FlatTop. Its a spin coin hand made in copper, brass or aluminum. Check it out at www.flattop.rocks
Like the shell casings on the paracord bracelet, how does it stay on?
Guess it's hot glued. I'll ask guy that made it.
isnt it just burning the ends of the cord?