20 Year Old's Extended EDC

Nick McGuire
Taunton, MA
This is my extended every day carry that solves many problems I may face daily. Ultimately, an EDC is to make your life easier, but I can say with confidence the only two items on there that I would definitely need daily are my knife and boots. Although the boots and belt are not necessarily EDC items they are invaluable. I also carry a Bushnell TRKR T225L flashlight to make my life easier and save phone battery and a Zippo lighter that a couple friends were borrowing so they didn't make this EDC post. It is also worth mentioning that I do not carry all those knives and instead usually carry two, cycling through based on preference as two is one and one is none. Also, two other knives that make it into the rotation are my Smith and Wesson M&P folder and a ZT 0350TS which I was servicing when I decided to post this. As far as weight goes I hardly notice most of this including and surprisingly the Leatherman which I hear many complaints from others who carry it, but do notice the flashlight and Note 4. This is probably because of the size of the phone and the fact that I'm still getting used to having a flashlight in my pocket. I hope you enjoy and I'm exploring the idea of carrying a small fixed blade so I would appreciate any comments or advice. Thanks!

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