Ekster Wallets

Ekster Wallets

Ekster is taking the minimalist wallet to the next level by adding some smart features. Designed with security in mind, these slim wallets feature a two-way Bluetooth tracker and an RFID-blocking casing. Simply press a button on the wallet to ping your phone, or ping your wallet from the mobile app in case you lose either of them. At the heart of the Ekster’s premium calf skin leather lies a unique spring-loaded mechanism. With the push of a button, your cards cascade out of the top of the wallet for quick and easy access to the exact card you were looking for. The Ekster Wallet is available in the smaller, more compact Senate model, or the larger Parliament model, which can hold bills and extra cards. You can see the spring loaded mechanism in action and snag one for yourself via the Kickstarter link below.

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I've been talking about this concept for years. Love it. Getting one. Thanks.
Great concept! Shame the wallet is too thick/fat. It is uncomfortable to wear in your back pocket. AND, customer support won't give me a refund. Good luck!
Very nice. Price is to rich for a wallet for me though.
This is nice, but can you sit on it?
That´s the crucial question. I have backed the Parliament and atm I´m about to get it refunded, because it is - despite of it´s nice look - not practical at all. The "TrackR"-Button, hidden underneath the beautiful Ekster-Sign at the strap, constantly triggers an alarm, especially when sitting on it or when coins are in the small pouch put pressure on the button. Nice concept, beautiful look, but not edc.able!
To answer your question: No.
What kind of knife is that?