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One knife is good, 2 is better (gives you a backup), especially if positioned properly. By the way, that SOG is seriously under-rated...most awesome & capable knife I've ever owned & I use it for EVERYTHING.

Handcuff key is strictly for LEGAL emergency use only (unfortunately the good guys aren't the only ones with handcuffs nowadays).

I only carry the bigger flashlight if I'm going to be out at night (and having a tactical flashlight with a push button cap switch provides a ridiculous advantage). Gorilla duct tape on the handle of the Shard and Maglite for better grip. Loctite on the pen because it was coming unscrewed.

Items not pictured, but listed, are usually in my pack. Dig the band from my old Timex, especially with the case of the Seiko.

Used to carry the KeySmart in my EDC, but too bulky and now use it to house my non-EDC keys and use a simple hair tie to fix my keys to the Nite Ize carabiner, then a 2nd hair tie to bind the keys, Shard, and Maglite together for silencing (the duct taped handles also help with this).

Most underrated item in this loadout: hair ties...no, seriously. Man up and BUY SOME. Super practical and far more reliable and resilient than rubber bands. Used one of my mom's to replace a rubberband when visiting parents about a year ago and now I never leave home without at least 3 or so on me. Plus, if you ever meet a cute girl in need of a hair tie, you could be the gentleman that provides her with one and then tries to explain why you have it in the first place. Boom. Conversation starter.

EDIT: Wallet link should be: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00N593M3A?psc=1&%3Bredirect=true&%3Bref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00&tag=bg999-20

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