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Portland, Oregon
This is my first handgun. It's a Kel-Tec P3AT .380 ACP. I have an appointment in March 2016 to have my photograph and fingerprints taken for my Concealed Handgun License. Pretty excited for my growing EDC gear and to be a CHL carrier.

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How do you like that 380 so far? I have the PF-9. It's super flat and carries concealed nice inside the pants with the frame clip but if I'm honest it isn't much fun to shoot.
I shot it for the first time today. For a first gun, it was pretty exciting to shoot. It is very small and perfect for concealed carry. I shot my friend's Glock 42 today and definitely enjoyed that a lot. Because its grip feels so much better in my hand and it's more accurate than my P3AT. I will definitely be buying another gun soon and using the Kel-Tec as back up and for concealed carry.