An Engineer's Pocket Toolkit

Ian Cox
Engineer (age 30)
Ogden, UT
These are the items that I never leave home without. Functionality paired with elegant design. Each item with a specific purpose, and a designated pocket.

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Garrick Zinecker ·

Any reason for the rotting 600 over the rapid pro? I find the rapid pro is easier to carry, not having to worry about catching the end.
Ian Cox ·
The only reason I carry the 600 over the rapid pro is because this is the first time I've heard of the rapid pro. I'll check it out! The pocket that I carry the 600 in is long enough that the tip didn't touch bottom when the clip is used. I've yet to have a problem with the tip catching or bending, but I can see how easy it would be to do. I'll pick up a rapid pro sometime in the future and compare the two. What I like most about the 600 is how rock solid it feels. I'm hesitant that the retracting mechanism would introduce some side to side play in the pencil, but if anyone can avoid that, it's Rotring.
Garrick Zinecker ·
Yeah I keep my Rapid Pro with me in my bag and keep my 600 on my desk at home. I never had an issue with the Rapid Pro feeling loose at all. Seems as good as the 600. Love your carry, solid items all 'round.
Andrew Anderson ·
I love the Time Expedition on the Zulu strap in black. I think of Amazon chose to use a picture of your watch in place of the image they have they would sell more watches. I want one now after seeing yours.
Ian Cox ·
Thanks, I agree! The brown leather strap that it comes with isn't terribly satisfying. The watch has been great to me so far. The case is a little bulkier than I am used to, but it's not obnoxious.
Andrew Anderson ·
I just have to sell the idea of acquiring another to my wife. Wish me luck.