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Washington City, DC
Just like every other college student in America, I am incredibly busy. I go from class to class, eat 3 square meals a day at the cafeteria, and have hours of homework. These are the things I carry with me on a day to day, but not all of them are used.
My cell phone (Nexus 6) is absolutely an essential. It obviously keeps me connected to the outside world and social media, but it also allows me to use apps associated with some of my professors classes to complete assignments and quizzes without using a laptop. My Key chain holds my room key and mailbox key and is frequently pulled out of my front left pocket via the monkeys fist. Finally the watch serves as a time keeping device in class when I am unable to access my phone.
The CRKT Fossil knife is a rather large EDC blade, but I found it fits comfortably in my front pocket. While the blade is rather large, many people have commented on the cool factor and how it does not appear intimating. Yet the blade usually is not used daily and serves more as a feeling of security and preparedness. Finally the small flashlight rides in the same pocket as my blade and is always there when a room needs to be lit, or a buddy loses something under a vending machine.

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