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J.S. Leonard ·
How has the STI been? I mean , handled, performed and carried? Love STI and haven't had the opportunity to carry and run drills with one. Looks lime a well built sub comp. Any smithing or add ons? My rotation is a Sig 938, Sig 1911 TacOps, HK USP 9mm, S&W 686 2 .357 bead blasted with Ahrends cocobolo RBFG grips and my beater gun a DB9 that has been to hell and bac (all with KUDU reliability jobs). The DB9 is cheap price wise $250 but I can't kill it. Carried it the OBX for a week of surf fishing and did nothing to it. No cleaning, maintenance or dry it off after getting dunked in the Atlantic several times. Just threw it in the Wranglers console. Two weeks later forgot about it and pulled it out at the range. Nothing wrong with it at all. Fired 200 124 gr +P+ without cleaning or lubling it through with no issues of any kind. My buddy who carried his G19 on the same trip had 6 failure to battery and 2 FTF out of his 200 rds of same ammo. My apology. I got on a tangent. Again how do you lime the STI
Tyler ·
I like it, probably around 1000 rounds through it without a single FTF. Was skeptical about the plastic trigger, but it is excellent. Carries very nice in my crossbreed supertuck. Only upgrades are a Nighthawk T3 magwell/msh and swapped to 7 round wilson combat mags.
J.S. Leonard ·
Thank you! A simple carry and clean. You don't have 9 million widgets and 6 knives and 3 spare mags and a RMR and weapon light. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! You are one of few on here that follow my creed, "The more you know the less you carry". Keep safe, keep your common sense, keep your powder dry and watch your 6.