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Win a Victorinox RangerWood Damast Limited Edition Pocket Knife!

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Bernard Capulong
Win a Victorinox RangerWood Damast Limited Edition Pocket Knife!

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Update: Congrats to Thomas (@trek7100) for winning this prize! Thanks everyone for participating, and check back soon for more giveaways here on Everyday Carry.

Who else loves free EDC gear? Every week or so, we'll be giving away prize packages full of interesting gear we get our hands on, or very special single item prizes for you to win.

This week, we're running a special contest on our Instagram (@everydaycarry) to give one lucky follower a beautiful, limited edition RangerWood Damast pocket knife (MSRP $300 USD). This knife is one of Victorinox's larger Swiss Army Knives, outfitted with premium materials like damast steel and Swiss walnut handles. Aesthetics aside, it boasts a locking 4" blade to give you plenty of cutting edge to work with and a considered complement of some of the most useful Swiss Army Knife tools to cover the rest of your bases.

To enter this giveaway:

  1. Like our contest photo on Instagram
  2. Follow @victorinoxswissarmy and @everydaycarry on Instagram
  3. Tag two friends in the comments (of the Instagram photo) who would love to EDC this knife!
  4. Click the "Enter to Win" button below, and when prompted on the Rafflecopter widget, type in the Instagram username you used to complete steps 1-3 for us to verify and confirm your entry.

We'll announce the winner in one week, on 1/29. Good luck, and carry on!

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Bernard Capulong

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Bernard Capulong is an everyday carry (EDC) gear expert, entrepreneur, all-around nerd, and the founder and editor-in-chief of EverydayCarry.com—the largest online community for EDC gear enthusiasts. Since founding Everyday Carry in 2009, he’s built over a decade of experience in the industry, reviewing and highlighting brands and products, including pocket knives, flashlights, wallets, watches, bags, pens, and much more.

Bernard is known for bringing everyday carry out of obscurity and into the mainstream, having been published or featured in various publications such as GQ, TIME Magazine, The New York Times, VICE, HYPEBEAST, and many others. He has also played a part in curating, designing, and developing digital and physical products, resulting in successful crowdfunding projects or limited edition collaboration products with established softgoods brands. He stays on the pulse of the EDC industry by attending trade shows, participating in online interest communities, and actively engaging with fellow gear enthusiasts on social media.

In addition to being the editor-in-chief and main social media personality for EverydayCarry.com, Bernard is an avid gearhead and collector in general. His personal collections span technical bags, fountain pens, digital cameras, retro gaming hardware, personal hi-fi audio gear, and mechanical wristwatches, to name a few. Bernard Capulong is a prominent figure and trusted authority in the everyday carry industry with a career dedicated to helping people discover this hobby and stay prepared with quality gear.

Discussion (27 total)

Peter Kalpakis ·
Sweet steel! I'm in!
Denis Hauser ·
Very nice knife from Victorinox! :)
Andreas Theodoulou ·
Always wanted a Swiss Army knife
Lovely knife. I can't help but think this would be a "safe queen" given the price and limited nature of it. I couldn't bring myself to put it to hard use.
Cole Turner ·
Beautiful knife!
Taylor. R .Smith ·
havent had a instagram of a facebook account for years should be another way for us people who use the website....
Nelson ·
Hey! Not fair! At the risk of dating myself, I don't have an instragram account. Never went beyond FB. I guess I'll miss the chance to win this one.
Edward ·
Saner here
Trevor ·
Guess I'm old, never even made a Facebook account.
Heather ·
Nathaniel P ·
Same here. But it makes sense from an advertising perspective, so I won't hold it against them.
Heatwol3 ·
Yeah, it's disappointing when sites force you to join yet another privacy invasive tech pusher. I'll be glad when websites move on from these silly requirements.
Dale Morris ·
Don't have instagram. Don't want it
Jhn-Pl Cllmr ·
This site is the extent of my social media footprint. I "like" the post/knife. Will this be good enough? ;)
Guy Patton ·
Boo. Also not on Instagram. Nice knife tho!
ericmckenna ·
step 4 could use more explanation
Chris ·
I don't even have a fb account, so how do folks like Nelson and me get a chance to enter and win?
Paul Pearson ·
Love it!!
Elizabeth Fitzmaurice ·
Bummer. Don't have Instagram (don't own a smartphone) and don't want to. I sure wish you'd open this up to us regular folks out here.
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