New Headphones

Portland, Oregon
New addition to my growing EDC: An inexpensive bluetooth over-the-ear headphones by August. It comes in 6 different colors. It has great sound, great bass. Remote control on one side for volume, pause/play, skip/go back. It has surprisingly great battery life. It also has a mic for calls, but I haven't used it for that yet. So far, it does what I expect from it. For $50, I've got not complaints (yet).

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Alexander Supertramp ·
I have those same August EP650 Headphones and I love them. They sound great and have a good build quality. Excellent value for money.
Yes! I agree. I was surprised with the quality for the value.
zenmaster ·
Where can I find that "mat"? Thanks
Christian ·
Dope! Diggin the pocket square/handkerchief.
Thank you!
What is the name of the suspension clip? Where to buy it my friend? I like to buy one. Thanks
I got it from Amazon. You can hover over the photo and click on the clip and it will lead you to the website. Happy hunting!
Thank you