Win an EDC of Our Shop's Best-Selling Gear!

Win an EDC of Our Shop's Best-Selling Gear!

Update: This contest has ended, thanks for participating! Head over to StackCommerce for more details.

Who else loves free EDC gear? Every week or so, we'll be giving away prize packages full of interesting gear we get our hands on, or very special single item prizes for you to win.

For this week's prize, we've taken your favorite gadgets and gear from our online shop and put them together in one complete package. Head over to the shop to for the full contest details and enter for your chance to win the following:

  • Cocoon Innovations Tech 16" Backpack: A sleek pack designed to accommodate laptops up to 16" with a versatile integrated system of mesh webbing for storing gear and cables of any size. ($70)

  • Cha/O/Ha EDC Card: A solid piece of S35VN stainless steel, built to last and fit your wallet with 30 tools at its disposal. ($39)

  • Flameless USB Travel Lighter: A TSA-approved lighter that's easy to carry, light up, and recharge wherever your travels take you. ($12)

  • KeySmart 2.0 with Bottle Opener & Nano Clip: One of the most popular key organizers, outfitted with bonus functionality thanks to a bottle opener and suspension clip ($22)

  • Nano Tools 3 Pack: A tiny toolbox of functionality built into a trio of keychain-friendly tools, including a wrench set, straight edge ruler, and bit driver. ($25)

  • Traveler Paracord Watch: A legible, water resistant watch for your daily adventure, that's tough all the way down to extra versatile paracord watch strap. ($115)

  • ThinCharge iPhone 6/6s Battery Case: A barely-there, 0.5" thick, two-in-one solution for extra protection and longer battery life out of your most essential daily gadget. ($60)

Prize Package Value: $500+

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Nice set! I've been on the fence about the Nano tools for a while. Cool to see they are included.
Was the winner ever announced?
The company powering the shop (StackCommerce) handled that side of the contest. If you won you would be hearing from them, but if anything changes I'll let you know.
Gotcha! Wasn't sure if announcements were made on this site too as a follow-up.
Sweet looking giveaway. :)
Anyone interested in selling that backpack if you win?