Winter Carry

Spencer Sevy
United States
I am loving my new Cold Steel Recon 1 with the CTS XHP blade. Its is a huge blade, but works great with jeans. Now exactly a suit knife LOL. Also, scored some super cola candies from my wife, she got them at World Market, good stuff! Also, my wife got me some bluetooth headphones for Christmas and I love them! Not too expensive, but they last about 6-8 hours on a charge.

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Chris Lunsford ·
I have the yellow and black version of that watch but mine doesn't have the chrono dials on it just an analog face with those same style hands and buttons and then the small digital display at the bottom for date alarm or digital time. But yellow is hard to match with anything and I wish I would've gotten the one like yours but red hands and writing. did u scratch off the paint for ur "G-Shock" at the top of the watch?