"You Complete Me."

My first submission is my full Everyday Key system. I carry the left half in my front pocket and the right half in my Everyday Bag (EDB). If I decide to carry both together they connect via titanium quick release magnets (anodized blue finish) from Tactical Keychains for the complete set up. Every item is attached using Exotac accessory ring spares with the exception of the key fob being attached to the KeySmart with a Ti ring from CountyComm. Using the Freekey spares makes it incredibly easy to customize either sets.

It took some Macgyvering to get my Mazda key in there, especially with the blue SOG but it's my favorite part. When in the ignition the KeySmart acts as an extended crank. The SOG works perfect in the KeySmart but you have to sacrifice four slots, so an extension kit is definitely needed. The blue AirKey is surprisingly light and a sweet compliment to the Keysmart's blue color.

Besides waiting on a Nano Ruler to be delivered I'm satisfied with this set up so far. Overall everything fits securely, flushed and is surprisingly light. The only heavy piece is the SS Pico Pull, but I also have one in black Delrin that will cut the weight if I swap it.

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L. Martin ·
I loved the keysmart when I first got it. After a week none of the keys would stay in place and I had to consistently tighten it. I abandoned it since and went back to a normal ring unfortunately.
Franklion ·
Luckily that hasn't been a problem for me although I read that going in. With the items I have in it, including the Nano ruler now, I haven't needed to re-tighten it once.In order to get the items I have in it I've not only used their spacers/washers, but stainless steel washers and o-rings. I wonder if that has helped in my case. If you still have it you may want to give that a try. I can send you a close a pic of the insides if you'd like.