Concealed Carry EDC

Luke Tuzinski
Machinist (age 30)
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
My basic load out, the Walther is a bit more to carry than the m&p shield I used to carry but I feel the trade off is worth it. The Alien Gear holster is fantastic and the prices are very competitive. Wallet, keys and cellphone are nothing super special. The flashlight is cheap effective and easily replaced of lost or broken. The Spyderco is my favorite EDC knife and I love the hook on the pocket opening.

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Chad Barr ·
Nice EDC, I have been looking at getting a Alien Gear holster for my Ruger SR9.
Luke Tuzinski ·
The Alien Gear is the bees knees, I had a Foxx too but I like that you can change the shell on the Alien Gear and not have to buy new leather