My Carry for Today

Justin Glass
Landscaper (age 23)
Independence, LA
No real reason for this carry. All items that I love and trust. Nice and simple for today. Enjoy guys and gals!

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Justin Glass ·
I got the small one. I know for sure they have one that is the size of an average knife. And I think they have one even bigger but I may be thinking of something else. No they don't lock. I think the description said 1.57 in long or something like that. I sometimes carry a knife on the bigger side so I got this so I won't have to get this bigger knife out in public to do a small task. But still have the big knife for self defense
Christian A R Tucker ·
Do you enjoy the Higo? Are there different sizes? I was looking at one for my stepson.
Chris Lunsford ·
I saw some article on zippos website about how its a laser etching on both sides. It's not as deep as engraving but it takes metal off where the design is. Similar to engraving. So it's still in there. I was hoping it wasn't just a stamp or print so I'm happy with it. And yeah, the weekenders is tough. I gave up on babying it after a month or so when I realized I couldn't prevent scratches on the case.
Chris Lunsford ·
One of the downsides for me with high polish finishes is that i always get a bit OCD about scratches for awhile. Like with my timex weekender, it drove me nuts when it started to get scratches on the case. Im still coming to terms with it lol i just justify it by telling myself that if ima wear it or use it it is going to show signs of wear and scratches etc. and the weekender is a pretty affordable watch anyways especially on ebay or amazon.
Chris Lunsford ·
hey i wanted to ask u a few questions since i talk with you more than most people on here, On your venetian zippo, is the design really engraved or just stamped on. i just got a high polish venetian brass stamped with a date of J 14 so october 2014. I was wondering because its sort of hard to tell. The white color of the design and texture of it makes me wonder. Also how scratched up is yours and how long have u had it so i have an idea how it will patina.
Justin Glass ·
My lighter is from 2011. Mine looks as though it is lightly engraved. So more than likely just stamped on. I have had mine for a year and it got a patina on it within a month or two. I remember thinking how fast it happened. I thought it would take longer. Not many scratches. It has a few tho. Haha I'm the exact opposite with my gear I let my life kinda scar my gear up. I don't treat my stuff like crap but I definitely don't baby them either. But I can understand people who do. I actually love the weekender because I can scratch it and get it wet and get dirt on it. It looks good but it's not fragile. With my work i m constantly getting it wet and dirty and it just comes back for more. The price of this thing makes it all the better
Chris Lunsford ·
Did the design on yours look white at first? Like in the lines.
Justin Glass ·
No. No color. Just engraving.
Chris Lunsford ·
huh i feel like mine had a whiteish silver tint to the enrgaving but idk if you look at some pictures of it on google the high polish brass ones all seem to have that tint for the most part. I mean aside from the older used ones that have a patina already.
Justin Glass ·
Oh that's right. I remember it now. That silverish color is long gone on mine. I honestly didn't like the look of it when it was high polish. I much prefer it with a patina. But I like the old brass look.
Chris Lunsford ·
Okay okay lol cool. I was starting to wonder whether they "cheapened" up the etching process in recent years and maybe cut some corners. So im glad to hear it, I actually dropped mine off yesterday and the engravers to have my initials monogrammed on the panel. And im really looking forward to it developing a patina after awhile.
Chris Lunsford ·
is that how small most of the higonokami knives are or did you intentionally get one as small as a zippo? Ive been considering getting one for a lil while now but am not sure since they dont lock and are so small.