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Pocket Pal EDC Gear Holder

Adam Molina
Pocket Pal EDC Gear Holder

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Plenty of people use dedicated EDC bags and pouches, but for the most part, your daily carry is limited to what can fit in your pockets. That's why optimizing your pocket space is key. The Pocket Pal is a great way to keep your essentials organized and accessible. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but large enough to accommodate a small notebook, pen, and pocket-tool. The Pocket Pal is constructed of a heavyweight denim that should prolong the life of your notebook by protecting it from everyday wear and tear. It also has some clever stitch-work that keeps the tools inside from scratching against each other. Not only does it organize your tools, but it also makes them more comfortable to carry by keeping everything in place. Towards the top there's a small flap that prevents the contents from being pushed up and out of your pocket. This is a small detail with a big impact if you’ve ever sat down and accidentally sent your pen flying to the floor. If you’re looking for a better way to carry, hit the link below and slip one of these in your pocket.

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Tei Souki ·
i am interested to know whats in that pocket?
Jesse Leonard ·
Agreed. I'd like to know also.