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Little bit on the classy side with special items being the Vehement Knives custom drop-point EDC and the Tuff-Writer Precision Press pen with Vehement Knives Apocalypse Wash finish.

The EDC knife is razor-sharp and has a custom acid-wash, polished spine, deep jimping, black and white liners, black micarta scales, and sweet leather sheath to match. This is the perfect size knife if you are looking for a fixed blade knife for sturdy "do anything" EDC, but not obtrusive or overly aggressive looking. Also, can't recommend Tuff-writer pens enough. This is my first one and it has an awesomely quiet cam-action opening/closing mechanism instead of the typical pen "click" and is totally solid - not to mention the gorgeous fit/finish on it.

Rest of the carry is pretty typical of my light-weight carry days with few of the typical small tools on a P7 Dangler and the Skeletool, along with a custom Zippo and the Zeroz wallet.


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Dewy ·
That ring is amazing .. why no link for that .. please share.. it is Awesome!!
Jon ·
Interesting thing on the ring @dewy haha. You can buy them looking similar to that for between $75 and $150 from various sellers I won't name...orrrr you can do what I did and search for and find "skull signet ring" and then fill in the background with black Sugru ;) PM me if you want some more info. Good luck!
Kevin J Meyer ·
The knive just looks fantastic, mate!
Jon ·
Thanks Kevin! It is the perfect "classy, around-town knife" that I can also hammer through a cinder block if I needed haha.
Christian ·
This is a dope carry! *thumbs up*
Jon ·
Thanks @Christian!
Justin Glass ·
That knife and pen freaking sick!
Jon ·
Thanks Justin! Vehement Knives and Tuff Writer make a pretty sweet combo.
Benjamin Wyatt ·
How well does that skeletool work for you? It looks pretty sweet.
Hi Benjamin. Most days I actually carry a Charge Ti with bit-card because I really like the flexibility given by the amount of tools and the overall tool strength. However, on a day where one doesn't need all the tools or wants something a little more low profile, the skeletool is more than adequate. Great blade, pliers, and bit driver.