Ski and Bike shop manager

Thatcher Koenders
Boulder, Colorado
These are the items I have deemed worthy to carry daily. Everything needs to fit in my jeans. My girlfriend calls my edc my "ten pound pants".
There are many other items I use daily at my job but those are more specific to my job duties. Those items live in my shop apron (maybe a follow up EDC).

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Chad Warwick ·
I love McGuckins, top 5 coolest stores. I had dozens of their pens, and one 5 gallon bucket as my "favorite tools" tote. Nice EDC. Does the ice pick have much lateral strength?
Rose Mary Santiago ·
Love that ice pick. An awl is probably a cheaper alternative.
Nefijacob Lopez B ·
You have a Dodge Neon (or a plymouth)
Afoniko ·
A DiResta ice pick! Now your EDC is complete!
Adam Lagendyk ·
I love how you carry an ice pick so you can shank Evan when he gets out of line.