I feel naked without.

Ryan Florido
Carlsbad, CA
My personal basics to survive through the day. They are to help myself or others. Every gentleman needs to be punctual, a watch is a must. My everyday sunglasses in SoCal weather to help block the UV rays. I particularly like the Spy Optic Neptune with the Happy Lens which helps boost my mood. Whether it mental or actual, they help. It definitely helps if they are stylish as well. My Motorola Moto X keeps me connect with my family, friends, or girlfriend. The best camera is the one with you. My wallet carries my basic identification along with cash and cards. My favorite multitool is the leatherman wave. Some may complain about the size and weight, but I love the quality and weight of the tools. I feel confident to overcome any inconvenience with the leatherman. Cars keys along with gym membership ID keeps me moving!

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Daniel Herberg ·
I thought all that weight on your car key was a good way to wear out the ignition switch.