My Everyday Carry

Photographer (age 38)
Zurich, Switzerland
This is my "front country carry" for the day-to-day. There's other stuff like computer, messenger/briefcase etc. which are frequently with me, but not on my person every day. I stay away from big knives, clunky watches, or too much tech. Just the essentials for urban life.

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Very nice carry! I went back and forth between the Compact and Super Tinker...went with Super Tinker because it suited me better when I was in the warehouse. I'm new to paracord so gotta ask, what kind of knot is that on your Compact?
Coolness!!! A fellow Swiss 5 Swiss Franc coin carrier!
Yeah, a fellow Swiss-Guy! xD Did you grew up here or did you move to Switzerland just recently?
Been living in CH for about 8 years now. You too?
That's neat! You've chosen the right country =) Yeah, I'm Swiss, so I've been around for quite some time xD Moving to Scotland would be great though!
I like the Compact!
What a great and compact carry! Very esthetic too. The Victorinox Compact is rarely seen, but a nice combo of tools. I also prefer the Moleskine due to the better paper quality. What's with the Swiss Franc coin?
Thanks for sharing!
Thanks Huusman. I live in Switzerland so the coin comes in handy for small purchases, bus fares, etc. The compact is great! Is its in my pocket then I don't need a pen either.