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True Utility FIXR

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Jacob Dean
True Utility FIXR

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Lots of multitool keychains promise multiple functions but end up being hard to use. If you're tired of trying to figure out how exactly you're supposed to get your pocket-sized wrench to actually work, the True Utility FIXR pocket tool might be a good fit for you.

The FIXR offers 20 easily identifiable tools—including a carabiner clip, ruler, small cutting blade, pry bar, box opener, and more—in a robust package considering that it's about 3 inches long and weighs a hair over an ounce. Many pocket tools tend to be credit card-shaped or overly short, sacrificing usability for size. Instead, the FIXR’s modest length provides a better grip and more torque when using its tools. The FIXR also has three screwdrivers mounted on a rotating titanium-coated disc. You can use it to position the screwdrivers for easy access and use when you need them, or tuck them out of the way when you don’t.

The FIXR even comes with a leather carrying pouch in case you don't want it dangling from your keychain, adding more value to an already affordable tool. For a user-friendly tool with an impressive amount of features, check out the FIXR at the link below.

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I gave eight of these as stocking stuffers for Christmas this past year. They totally stole the show. Cool design, functional, and lightweight. Need to get one for myself now.
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