On body at all times

Mitchell Palermo
These are the items that I must have on me at all times. The most useful by far is my knife. I use it all the time. Followed closely by the P2 flashlight. My watch has changed many times over the years, but I really enjoy the Maratac SR-1. I couldn't abandon the romance of a mechanical watch, but I needed something that was tough enough to get banged around. The notebook helps me stay on track throughout the day. I made the wallet by hand. I love the personal touch it adds to my EDC and it's so durable. It will literally never wear out. If you're interested I can make one for you. My iPhone is just an iPhone, nothing special there. It works every time I pick it up and that's what counts.

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Fake Name ·
Clean and simple. Nice
Bernard Brown ·
I love my Martac! County Comm is a great company and carries a lot of EDC gear. Just my opinion.
Daniel Santiago ·
Love that watch
Bernard Capulong ·
Great taste in gear, Mitchell! I love the Mnemosyne planners and the more I see that Maratac around the more I want an SR-3