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Hudwood Wooden Carabiner and Wallet

Adam Molina
Hudwood Wooden Carabiner and Wallet

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Many of the tools you EDC need to be durable and lightweight, which usually means you end up with something made from metal or plastic. But if you want to try something a little more natural, these wooden carabiners and wallets by Hudwood might do it for you.

The wood is surprisingly strong. The carabiner can pull up to 10 kilos without breaking, so you can pocket it with confidence. Yet with all its strength, it’s soft enough that it won’t scratch your car door, phone screen, or the rest of your gear.

The wallet is a slim piece of wood that lets your store not only cards and cash, but also loose change and SD cards thanks to a built-in coin box. Slip a credit card into the small slot along the edge and the wallet can also function as a DIY phone stand for watching videos. In the same way that no two trees are exactly the same, you can be sure that either of these products will be a unique addition to your EDC. Follow the link below to add these natural fits to your carry.

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