Minimalist Student Carry

Hans Tuanquin
Student (age 25)
Lakewood, CA
From my years of practicing everyday carry, I've narrowed down the items that I consider most important to me as a college student. The pocket knife, flashlight, pencil, and watch are all I need to conquer the day.

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Spencer ·
You don't carry keys, a wallet, or a phone?
Franklion ·
Because this was featured in the New Year's post I saw your pencil and was blown away. I love sketching but never carry one in my bag because I don't want the lead to break or smear everywhere. I dislike sketching with mechanical ones. The bullet looks like it was designed to perfectly meet my needs. I ordered one yesterday. It looks like a terrific pairing with my Fisher Space pen. How are you liking it now?
basscricket ·
your pencil is sharpen by a knife, its a lovely texture.
Chris ·
Love the bullet pencil. Did you get in on their Kickstarter for the wooden ones?
Hans Tuanquin ·
No. It looks sweet, but I know I'll just be using my aluminum one most of the time, anyway! Hehe! I might pick one up if he sells it again in the future.
Hexagon ·
Sharp edc
Hans Tuanquin ·
Thanks, Hex! :)