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This is what I carry in my pockets and hooked to my belt loops. The Victorinox Manager has me covered most of the times, but when I need a larger blade I use the Clipitool, plus its bottle opener is really good. The DoohiKey is for when I need to apply force without the worry of breaking a blade, plus it has a very handy small ruler. The eGear Pico is mostly my emergency light, but it has come very handy for short time use in every day situations (desk, car, etc).

The MagKey it's the simplest yet most effcient solution to those like me who do not like the clicking noise of keys; it works as advertised, and I haven't had any problems so far with it. I made my custom paracord keychain from parts of a Bomber Keychain I acquired when I backed the MagKey campaign in Kickstarter.

My wallet is from another Kickstarter project I backed. It's made of one piece of top quality leather, and hand made in the Ukraine.

My complete urban EDC includes this gear plus the stuff I carry in my backpack or messenger bag, but that is for a future post.

Cheers B-)

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Tu Ho ·
How many credit cards can your wallet hold?
Martin ·
Hello :-)
The manufacturer says that the wallet can hold up to 10 cards and 15 banknotes. I usually carry 7 cards and 5 to 10 banknotes without any trouble. By the way, recently the manufacturer closed his online shop because he's involved in another Kickstarter project, and as far as I know it's temporarily. I hope he reopens it soon. Cheers.