Urban Everyday Carry

The Boker tech tool is the most used part of my EDC. It is mostly used to open Letters/Bottles, but my favorite feature of this is the glas breaker. The Kershaw Cryo is for my personal defense. My Thrunite Flashlight unified size and luminosity and is used for dog walks. The Zippo is for always having fire with me (certainly for my cohibas too). Spacepen is for writing some notes. The German Military hank can be used for many situations (dirt/bleeding/hat/mummery). The Paracord Lanyard allowes me to have always 2,6m cord with me. My Christopher Ward watch speaks for itself. Dices for boredom.

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Russell ·
This takes me back to my gaming days. Chessex Dice were always my favorite. I still have all my dice. Probably over a hundred die.
Olli ·
Totally agree! I was looking over a time for some nice looking dice for my set. There was no way around chessex dice!
I love to see the CW in their. I have the updated ceramic version, I now wear it every day despite saying to myself it was going to be a dress watch. I can't take it off.
Olli ·
Same at me :D. It is one of the last divers, which has an own design. Hard to find in this price segment! Nice to hear that you like it! thx!
Lee ·
Its an utter pleasure to wear. I got mine in the black Friday which made it an ever better purchase. I am tempted to save up for one of the new Black Titanium designs
Franklion ·
That rainbow Fisher is awesome. It must be even better in person. I just got mine in blueberry and I love it!
Olli ·
I totally agree: In real it looks awesome!
First I was a bit down on fisher space pens, but meanwhile iam addicted to these. Allready have the next one on focus ;D