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My extended carry when I have a backpack handy! And I never leave the house without one of my favorite knives!

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James ·
I gotta know, where did you get the Pioneer X? They don't seem available yet.
Nerdism EDC ·
Hey, it premiered in Holland so I am lucky to own it early :-)
James ·
Awesome! How do you like it? I've heard some complaints that they put the nail nick on the wrong side of the scissors.
Huusmann ·
Impressive load-out, and some very fine knives! Love the Sebenza's, as always. The Spyderco Chubby is also quite cool looking. Victorinox Pioneer X - that's a new one! I believe just released this year? For the first time you can have scissors in a standard-stock alox model. Nice! I'm getting one myself.
Thanks for sharing!