100% EDC On Body

Tyler, TX
On body 100% Until I get home. When I get home I either ditch the G42 and wallet and such or I keep it all on. 24\7 I have access to it all on my body or nearby when a perimeter is set up!

Front left pocket Iphone
back left pocket wallet and flashlight
back right pocket key fob and knife
right front pocker G42 in vedder holster
right open carry hip XD mod 2 on open paddle holster
Gshock on wrist
coach wallet and 511 belt
Oakley RX sunglasses or Keel Blade regular RX glasses

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Tackleberry ·
Sweet scanner.. I see it does trunking. Does it also do DMR? I'm looking to upgrade, but I don't want to get one that does trunking and not DMR. I also want one that will do Project 25 phases 1 and 2.
James ·
Any blade play on the automatic? I've picked up a few Microtechs but wasn't impressed with the feel of the blade when locked open. Hard to justify a midtech-level price point for a wobbly-bladed thing.
calmlikea3omb ·
Nope been absolutely perfect and if there was a problem they fix it for life though coincidentally yesterday I retired the knife for a new Benchmade Emissary 3.5
Too many times I needed a single edge blade so I could push with it or hold to do detailed work and can't do that with a dagger. Also it's blade grind is one sided preventing me from sharpening it so I had to send it to benchmade.
I love my new knife. My 7th benchmade.
calmlikea3omb ·
I have a 3 and 5 Yr old girls. I have to go into soft zon
es twice a day. I leave XD Mod2 in car mount and leave glock42 with crimson trace green laser in my pocket.in VEdder holster pocket rig
calmlikea3omb ·
I keep the Reign Tactical Holster on waist band with a gcode paddle holster with RTI rapid transition interface when i sit into car it clips off and mounts to my console..and when i get out it goes back on my hip, when im in the wifes car it goes under glove compartment by center console. when i sleep it is on a velcro bed holster and when i shower it is outside curtain on another GCode RTI wheel. my gun never comes out of Reign Tactical holster.