Mariner Bag Dump

Christian A R Tucker
Tankerman (age 37)
Shallotte, NC
Credentials must be produced upon request in my industry. This bag, with custom paracord strap I made, has served me well for 12+ years. It carries all my essential gear and credentials while I transfer from tug to barge twice daily. Custom paracord lanyards on flashlight and mirror were handmade on tugboat craft day because boredom happens at sea. Additional small murse (man purse) fits inside mariner bag to conceal my metrosexualness. Stem the tide, brethren!

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Dave ·
Nice work load out. Fun to see what other that work on the water carry. Which MMP group? I'm west coast MMP. No cell phone? I can't work without one. Always in a lifeproof case.
Christian A R Tucker ·
Thanks Dave. We just joined on the East Coast, the Atlantic Maritime Group. I work for Reinauer Transportation.

iPhone 6s was taking the picture. It's the lifeline to all the places I'd rather be than here! Haha
Dave ·
Welcome to the MMP! Like your gear. I use a timbuk2 bag for work. It's very durable, water repellent and, easy to carry on ladders etc..
Christian A R Tucker ·
Thanks Dave! I seen your loadout. Very nice. What's your position onboard? I'm an AB Tankerman. We haul about 6 million gallons of gas from refineries to terminals.
Dave ·
Bar pilot trainee. Before that master with Washington State Ferries.
Cal Wallace ·
Christian, can you give more information on your knife? It intrigues me but I can't find one like it using "jaguar hook knife" in my search. Thanks for any light you can shed.
Christian A R Tucker ·
Well, the only info I can give is that I bought it at a gas station for $5.99. It's the cheapest piece of crap you could imagine. I've lost at least three $100+ knives on these boats, but I've kept this crap knife for 20 years. It makes no sense.